Louis Tomlinson: the One Direction, his tour… He confides EVERYTHING!

Louis Tomlinson spoke to us about his solo career, his new tour and One Direction. Discover his interview right here!

A long-awaited comeback. Following the release of his first album, “Walls”, in January 2020, Louis Tomlinson is preparing to release his second opus. With singles such as “Out of My System”, the name of his new project, and “Bigger than me”, the singer explores a different musical style. Here, he opts for a punk rock sound, while adding a touch of pop.

Following the announcement of a European tour and the release of his album, Louis Tomlinson was able to confirm that his fans are still there for him: “They support me in the band. Now they support me outside the band. I’m sure a lot of them are obviously fans of us collectively, as well as individually,” he confides to our microphone.

After a certain absence from the spotlight, Louis Tomlinson wishes to thank his fans with these words: “I wouldn’t be able to do all this without my incredible fans. And I have lots of good memories in France. I used to spend a lot of time there, a lot on vacation. So it’s a special place for me. Performing live here is super cool.”

Louis Tomlinson can’t wait to play in Paris

Yes, to support his “Out of My System” album, Louis Tomlinson is launching a European tour in 2023. A date is of course planned in Paris: “A long period of waiting yes, but it also gives them time for the album. Afterwards, in music, everything goes so fast, I appreciate that, but it’s good that there’s time to listen to the album so they can get to know it well.”