One Direction: no return to the “Late Late Show”

For several weeks, a rumor had been circulating about a potential One Direction comeback for the latest episode of James Corden’s “Late Late Show”.

Louis Tomlinson cancels the end of his tour, Zayn Malik returns to the USA and Harry Styles ends his tour. What’s more, James Corden’s famous “Late Late Show” is organizing its final broadcast for April 27, and all the members of One Direction will be in the same place at the same time. Everything seemed to be coming together for a comeback of the mythical 2010s boyband, the One Direction.

Fans of the band had high hopes, as each of them had already individually appeared on James Corden’s gray couch. They also know that the presenter is one of One Direction’s biggest fans and, like them, hopes for a return of the boyband. Unfortunately, the show’s Twitter account denied the rumor: “No one loves the boys more than us… But this story simply isn’t true. What is true is that we have an absolutely awesome two-hour finale planned to celebrate eight years of the Late Late show at 10pm on April 27.”

One Direction: solo careers since 2016

It’s bad news for directioners, the fans of One Direction, who have been eagerly awaiting the boys’ return for a new tour. In 2015, Zayn Malik left the band, and a year later, the group formed by Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson went on hiatus. The singers had taken the decision to split up in order to devote themselves to their solo careers.

Seven years on, each member has several studio albums to their credit. Niall Horan will unveil “The Show”, his third album, on June 9, while Harry Styles will play the Stade de France on June 1-2, 2023. Despite this news, fans are still hoping to see the five members back together on one last world tour to say goodbye to One Direction once and for all.