Zayn Malik makes rare confidences about his father life: “People…

Zayn Malik, renowned as the father of young Khai, the result of his past romance with former girlfriend Gigi Hadid, has chosen to divulge insights into his newfound role as a father. Notoriously inclined to maintain a low-key existence in matters of his personal life, Zayn Malik told Starmag that he inadvertently found his romantic endeavors thrust into the limelight following his separation from Gigi Hadid, the proud mother of their offspring Khai, who graced the world on September 19, 2020.

It’s worth recalling that Zayn Malik weathered allegations of discord with his former mother-in-law, Yolanda Hadid, which drew substantial attention. Evidently, Yolanda opted to share her side of the story with TMZ, shedding light on an unfortunate narrative. The musician purportedly directed derogatory language at her, an incident that escalated into him reportedly causing emotional distress and physical discomfort by maneuvering her toward a commode.

Subsequently, the romantic partnership that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid had cultivated concluded, prompting Zayn Malik to retreat to the sanctuary of his private existence, a realm he ardently cherishes.

In a rare instance of candid revelations, Zayn Malik, on the cusp of his impending musical resurgence, engaged in a discussion with Alex Cooper on Call Her Daddy. During this exchange, he seized the opportunity to delve into the transformative impact of parenthood, triggered by the arrival of his cherished daughter.

In his own words, “Since becoming a father, my primary aspiration has centered around setting a commendable precedent for her. That’s precisely why I agreed to this interview, you know? I harbored a degree of apprehension regarding this conversation. My intention is for her to regard me and declare, ‘Hey, my dad embodies these qualities.'”

In a remarkable evolution, Zayn Malik appears to have undergone a shift since the advent of little Khai. He humorously admits to having embraced the realm of dad jokes, humor that might have seemed peculiar before but now finds its place.

“People often remark that I’ve fully embraced the art of dad jokes. I ponder over this observation and recognize its validity. It’s rather cool, you know. People might perceive me as unconventional, and I muse over that and nod in agreement, considering that I’m a dad now, fully entitled to share these humorous quips.”

Without a doubt, the birth of his daughter has injected Zayn Malik’s life with renewed vitality, allowing him to rediscover elements of his own desires. He articulates this sentiment eloquently, saying, “There’s a phase in adult life when everything assumes shades of ambiguity, monotony, and drabness. Khai has infused vibrant hues back into my existence, undoubtedly.”

Given the situation of living apart from Khai’s mother, Zayn Malik grapples with the challenge of spending time with his daughter as frequently as his heart desires. Gigi Hadid, speaking to the Sunday Times, shared insights into the alternating custody arrangement that governs their daughter’s life.

“The fact that she can experience time with both her parents brings me immense joy!”

Despite whatever may have transpired, Gigi Hadid has steadfastly desired Zayn Malik’s active involvement in their daughter’s upbringing. Admirably, despite their disparities, they succeed in transcending their differences for the well-being of Khai.

Original News Source: Starmag News People